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The Under Current® is the world's first recirculating Water Culture Hydroponic System featuring our Patented Sub-Current Culture® Method. This innovative application circulates literally hundreds of gallons of solution per hour beneath plant roots. The Under Current® supercharges the solution with dissolved oxygen, creating a hyper aerobic condition. All Current Culture Systems now come with white ABS lids. These new white lids are made of durable ABS plastic, are UV stable, 100% non-translucent and highly reflective. New side-entry air ports on all Current Culture Under Current® systems now include an innovative side-entry for the air diffuser lines utilizing a uni-seal for each module. This allows you to remove the entire module lid without disconnecting the air lines, making root-zone inspection much easier. Includes: 8 gallon multi mod growth modules with drain well, 25 in center 5.5 in heavy-duty white lids with porthole, 5.5 in heavy-duty net pots, easy clean manifolds with UC spin-tight bulkheads, add-back kit, high flow aeration manifold, air pump bank with air flow regulator, premium linear Air Pump(s), Danner Mag-Drive return pump with 1 in return hose, adjustable float valve with reservoir adapter kit, optional drain out kit available and Cultured Solutions XS Growers Pack. 16 site has a 9 ft 4.5 in x 10 ft 1.5 in grow area, 24 site has a 9 ft 4.5 in x 14 ft 3.5 in grow area and 32 site has a 9 ft 4.5 in x 18 ft 5.5 in grow area. These items are drop ship only.

Current Culture Under Current Double Barrel 32XL

SKU: HGC743064